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Your one-stop shop for chopping boards in every shape and size


If you are true animal lover you’re sure to find something that appeals in this range of wooden and glass boards.

The delightful wooden boards have been tastefully crafted into the shape of a range of wild and domesticated animals including a cow, polar bear, chicken, squirrel, dog, elephant, lion and rabbit.

There are various choices of wood available including beech and bamboo.

We also feature plenty of colourful animal-themed glass worktop saver boards which are will be perfect for all your food and veg chopping needs.

An animal theme chopping board is the ideal way to have your favourite creature or pet featuring on your kitchen worktop when you are preparing food for a meal.

There are dozens of stylish wooden and toughened glass boards to choose from in various sizes including large, medium and small.

A wooden animal shape board is perfect for serious cutting of meat, fish and vegetables- and a glass board fits the bill for more simpler cutting of fruit, bread and cheese.

Many of these lovely scratch-proof glass boards feature animals, fish birds and reptiles in a variety of natural wildlife settings and they can really add a touch of glass and colour to any kitchen. The Alisons Animals range is particularly popular.

If you have a dog, cat or rabbit there are plenty of worktop savers featuring those popular pets - and if you fancy a board featuring something a bit wilder, you could always consider buying one featuring a lion, snake, tiger, eagle, shark or polar bear.

Prices range from under £10 for a cheap board to more than £25 for a deluxe extra large board.

Amazon features strongly in this animal themed boards category so we’re confident you’ll find a product that will serve you well in your culinary tasks.

rabbit chopping board