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Bamboo chopping board

Bamboo chopping boards are very popular and make a welcome addition to any culinary enthusiast’s kitchen worktop.

Technically bamboo is a grass but laminated strips of bamboo make durable and visually attractive chopping boards, which means they are every bit as appealing as the traditional wooden versions.

Bamboo is a raw material and is the fastest growing plant on earth. It grows without the need for chemical pesticides, making it very eco-friendly.

Bamboo chopping boards have a lovely smooth finish and, unlike many hardwoods, it absorbs very little moisture, thereby reducing shrinking and swelling significantly.

Hundreds of small laminated bamboo strips are flattened and bonded together to create chopping boards in many shapes and sizes.

Bamboo is tougher than many hardwoods which reduces the number of knife marks and increases the life expectancy of a chopping board.

A bamboo chopping board is easy to maintain - just wash it in warm water with soap or a mild detergent, and rub occasionally with mineral oil to bring out its lovely grain.

It should not be submerged in water or used in a dishwasher.

The natural sugars in bamboo will become caramelised when a chopping board is produced, giving it a beautiful honey colour.

Bamboo is found in diverse climates - from hot tropical regions to cold mountain areas - and is prevalent in many areas of the world including Asia, northern Australia, South America and sub-Saharan Africa. Bamboo makes an ideal choice for chopping boards and cutting boards and will add a touch of style to any kitchen.

Bamboo cutting boards come many shapes, sizes and styles, from a small board for individuals in home kitchens to extra large bamboo boards used in restaurants and the catering industry.

Bamboo is an excellent eco-friendly material that's also very sanitary.

Large bamboo boards or butchers blocks are usually around 12 by 20 inches in size and can stand up to very forceful chopping and slicing.

They often come with little legs or rubber feet on the base to help them stay in place so they don’t slide around while you are chopping meats, fruit and vegetables.

Cleaning a wooden cutting board is very simple. You simply wash the board with soap and water and then let it dry overnight in a dish drying rack. Some people choose to disinfect their bamboo boards to eliminate the risk of contamination by bacteria. This is definitely worth considering if your board has deep scratches, gouges or cracks cause by knives as bacteria can gather there. It's possible to give a new lease of life to an old bamboo chopping board by sanding it and then treating the bamboo with mineral oils. After time a board many become very worn out and it's often wiser to buy a new one than spend time and money trying to resurrect your old one.