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Beech chopping and cutting board

Beech chopping boards are extremely popular and are noted for their durability and attractive appearance.

They have a very ‘clean’ look to them and are available in an impressive range of styles and sizes.

Beech is a dense wood and fits the bill perfectly for providing you with a cutting board that will last many years if looked after properly.

Beech is very light in colour and smooth and is a very popular wood.

As always the key to getting plenty of years service from a wooden chopping board is looking after it properly.

Some people use an equal mixture of salt and baking soda, made into a paste with water, to clean their beech chopping board with a sponge or cloth. The board can then be disinfected with distilled white vinegar and finally treated with a good vegetable oil or food grade mineral oil.

European beech is very popular and is widely recognized as one of the most versatile hardwoods available.

It has superb physical properties and can be manipulated to shape very well in production machinery.

The beech is one of the largest British trees and can grow to heights of 140 feet in England. It is commonly found on sandy and chalky soil.

Beech kitchen tops and units are commonplace these days so a beech chopping board can be the perfect addition to complement them.

There are many ranges of beech chopping boards and cutting boards available and among those which are particularly attractive are the Nigella Lawson range and the Joseph Joseph range.

Beech wood chopping boards are superb because this type of wood is hard and heavy. It machines very well meaning it can be cut into various shapes of board including round, square, oval and heart-shaped. Beech is perfect for many kitchen items including chopping boards, bread boards, carving boards and cheese boards. It is also used for making cupboards, furniture, worktops and flooring.