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Bread board

Bread boards are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and among the most popular are those which are fitted with handy crumb-catching trays.

Most types are constructed from wood but they are also available in other materials such as toughened plastic, marble and granite.

The humble bread board is no longer as basic as it used to be - some are available with stainless steel bases, some come in a set with a suitable bread-cutting knife and others are hand-carved.

If you are a lover of unsliced bread there’s nothing more annoying than trying to gather up crumbs which are scattered all over your worktop.

And that’s where a breadboard fitted with a crumb tray can come to the rescue - simply slice your bread and then tip the collected crumbs into the bin.

We have an impressive range of bread boards for you to browse through - most are made from various woods including beech, rubber wood, hevea wood, bamboo and acacia.

Bread boards are available in various shapes with round, rectangular and square being the most common.

Obviously you need a good sharp knife when using your bread board and we also have a few featured here which come complete with the right knife for the job.

A popular choice is the Littala Citterio set which includes a plastic crumb catcher which connects below the slatted board.

As with any food preparation board in your kitchen, a bread board should be cleaned thoroughly after use to kill harmful bacteria.