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Butchers Block Oil

Catskill’s - a great choice of

oil  for maintaining your wooden butchers block




A butchers block is a welcome addition to any culinary enthusiast’s kitchen - at home or in a restaurant.

Available as full-size freestanding versions on lockable castors or the small traditional kitchen worktop board version, a good butchers block will serve you well for years. We have a wide range to choose from here - in various shapes and sizes - so we’re confident you’ll find just what

you’re looking for - we have some quality butchers block worktops for sale at the best prices.

There are many types of chopping boards available nowadays in a range of materials including glass, marble, plastic and various woods - but there’s nothing to beat a good solid butchers block worktop for serious cutting and chopping. A butchers block trolley has a huge chopping area.

And, as always, it’s important to clean a butchers block thoroughly to prevent risks of cross contamination and , if you want to keep it in prime condition you should treat it regularly with butchers block oil.

Butchers blocks - sometimes called chef’s blocks - have come a long way since their humble beginnings and are now available in various shapes and styles, and woods including maple, oak and other hard woods.

They also contain many appealing features including drawers for knives and other accessories, baskets, towel rails and shelves - some even come complete with a built-in wine rack.

If you do a lot of chopping and food preparation and space is not an issue in your kitchen, then a butchers block table or worktop trolley could be perfect for you.

Butchers blocks are available in various woods including beech, oak and hevea wood, and often come with stainless steel fittings, so it’s worth looking carefully at the different styles to ensure you find the one which best complements your kitchen.

Butcher block tops are traditional and very functional. They look great in a farmhouse style kitchen but don't look at all out of place in a modern kitchen setting. They can spare your kitchen counter from the wear and tear that comes from food prep and can also protect your good knives from damage into the bargain.

Many butcher blocks have padding underneath them to prevent damage to your work surface and to prevent the block from slipping while you are working with it.

Because blocks are porous surfaces, maintenance and care is very important, whether you use the block as a portable work surface or as part of the kitchen cabinetry. To prevent bacteria resulting from moisture and other factors, clean the exposed surfaces with a bleach or vinegar solution regularly.

If you’re looking for a top quality butchers block you’ll find a wonderful range of shapes and styles at Amazon - they feature many deluxe wooden butchers blocks are built to last with the finest materials and are often used by professionals in leading restaurants and butchers shops.

Stylish butchers block trolleys are sold these days by many reputable UK stores including Barker and Stonehouse, Philip Morris and Son, Oak Furniture Solutions, Ikea, Nisbets, Homebase and Argos.