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Carving board

Serving up a traditional Sunday roast just wouldn’t be the same without a carving board in the kitchen or on the dining room table.

And there’s certainly no shortage of carving boards available in a multitude of colours, styles and materials - many boards and trays come complete with a carving fork and knife.

We have an impressive range of carving boards to choose from here so we’re confident you’ll find something that appeals to your taste.

A very popular choice is the Joseph Joseph Cut and Carve double-sided multi-functional carving board. This features an angled cutting surface which helps drain and collect juices. It is dishwasher safe and  not hard wearing on knives.

Developers are always looking at new ways to make the carving process easier - a sharp knife is the obvious key factor but one clever innovation is the spiked carving board.

This allows you to place your meat joint on a metal ring which comprises spikes. This holds the meat steady and allows for easy carving.

Some carving boards feature special grooves which allow the juices to drain off. This is a great feature for allowing you to use the juices to make the perfect rich gravy.

Many carving boards are made from synthetic materials such as polypropylene but others are made from a variety of woods including beech, olive wood and oak.

Some boards have a large metal spike in the middle or several smaller ones to hold your meat, fish or other hot or cold joint in place, ready for easy carving.

A good quality wooden, stainless steel or plastic carving board is ideal for slicing and carving a range of meats including beef, lamb, pork. It is also great for carving various poultry and game including turkey, chicken, duck, guinea fowl, pigeon, goose and pheasant. And don’t forget various types of fish including cod, haddock, mackerel, bream, sole, trout, bass and tuna.

A carving board is a handy kitchen accessory to have to hand for your traditional Sunday lunch and dinner parties - and of course, it has an important role to play during the festive season when family and friends come round for the turkey Christmas dinner.

As with chopping boards and other food preparation surfaces, it’s important to clean your carving board, tray or dish thoroughly and regularly to reduce risks of food poisoning from harmful bacteria.