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Your one-stop shop for chopping boards in every shape and size

There’s a skill to using a chopping board or cutting board correctly - and there’s no better way to master the art than by learning from someone with more experience than yourself.

So here’s a few video clips from others who’ve been using chopping boards for years and have some tips and advice to pass on to others.

We’ll be adding more videos on a regular basis, so please visit the site again to see how the experts get the best out of their chopping boards in their kitchens.

BIG IS BETTER: The benefits of paying a little bit extra for a heavy duty wooden chopping board or chopping block.

TEAK TEST: Putting the case for using a teak chopping board in your kitchen for food preparation

DO IT YOURSELF: Fancy making your own cutting board? An expert shows how to make one from oak and maple wood.

OIL TO THE RESCUE: How to treat a wooden chopping board with mineral oil to keep it in great condition/

Chopping board - video tips and advice

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