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Colour coded chopping boards

The colour code system introduced for chopping boards is a truly innovative concept which goes a long way to reducing risks from cross contamination in the kitchen.

Colour coding - or index coding - is a fairly recent development which is practised in a big way in domestic and commercial kitchens in the UK.

There are no specific guidelines on which colour should be used for a specific type of food, although a generally accepted system has emerged.

Yellow chopping boards are used for cooked meats, red for uncooked meats, blue for raw fish, green for salad and fruit, brown for raw vegetables and white for bread and dairy products such as cheese.

The six colour system is a clever initiative and some colour-coded chopping board sets are accompanied by laminated guidance sheets which offer information, in words and pictures, on which food should be used with which board.

This system is very beneficial in cutting down the risks of cross contamination and food poisoning when handling and preparing different types of food.

Some sets of coded boards or mats comprise just the four main colours for raw meat, fish, cooked foods and vegetables. Others consist of just three.

Colour-coded sets are available in various styles and you’ll find plenty of choices here from UK shopping giant Amazon.

A particularly impressive set is available from Joseph Joseph - pioneers of the system - and comes in a tidy ABS storage case with non-slip base.

Hygiene and food safety should be a top priority for anyone working in a kitchen - and colour-coded chopping boards certainly make for a safer environment.

Coded mats made of silicone are particularly appealing because their flexible design means they can bend easily into a half moon shape to allow you to empty chopped foodstuff into bowls and cooking pots or pans. They also make it easy to dispose of excess material in your waste bin.

Some colour coded sets also feature a suitable logo on the board or mat to make it easy to determine, at a glance, what it should be used for - for example some feature a chicken for poultry, a cow for meat, a fish for seafood and a carrot or onion for vegetables.

We also feature a range of colour-coded knife sets, some with a handy knife block or stand, which allow you to select a specific knife for each type of food you are dealing with - meats, vegetables, fish or fruit.

If you own colour coded mat or board set you can match up the colour of each knife to be used with a corresponding coloured board - now isn’t that a great idea when it comes to hygiene and protection against cross contamination?