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Joseph Joseph Chopping Board

Joseph Joseph is a name you can trust when it comes to buying a chopping board or glass worktop saver.

The company’s extensive range of kitchenware products is renowned for quality and design - Joseph Joseph chopping boards are top class.

The pioneering Joseph Joseph colour coded chopping board set is a huge seller and features a series of different coloured boards for preparing meats, fruit, vegetables or fish - allowing you to cut out the risk of cross contamination. We bring you all the best Joseph Joseph prices around.

Joseph Joseph was founded in 2003 by twin brothers Antony and Richard Joseph. Since then the company has been leading the field for innovative and stylish kitchenware products, including chopping boards, worktop savers and kitchen storage products.

The Joseph Joseph colour coded chopping board set is seen in many modern kitchens these days and is the perfect way to reduce the risk of cross contamination from harmful bacteria during the food preparation process. Each coloured board is used specifically for either meat, fish, cooked food or vegetables. Each board has an index-style tab and is knife friendly.

The Joseph Joseph Rinse and Chop board is another popular choice and is available in various colours including green, white, black, blue, yellow and red - this multi-function board is dishwasher safe and folds to provide a strainer feature at one end.

Joseph Joseph toughened glass worktop savers are excellent chopping accessories too and come in many different colours, patterns and designs. Each worktop saver is odour and  stain resistant, heat resistant to 280 degrees centigrade and has non-slip rubber feat. They also come with a lifetime guarantee against breakage for peace of mind when buying.