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Glass chopping boards are all the rage and have taken off in a big way in the UK in recent years.

The choice available is growing by the week and most of the top providers of kitchen accessories now offer their own range of glass chopping and cutting boards.

The are very robust and are usually shatter-proof, dishwasher safe, odour and stain resistant, and stand up to 280 celsius heat.

Glass chopping and cutting boards are available in a wide range of shapes with the most popular being round, square and rectangular.

There are also services available which allow you to personalise a glass chopping board by having your picture of choice printed onto it.

They are usually more affordable than many other types of chopping board and the tempered material they are constructed from means they are very safe. In the rare event that one should break, the glass will shatter into tiny non-sharp pieces in the way a car windscreen will.

Glass chopping boards are very durable and are an ideal choice when it comes to chopping and slicing all your fruit, meat, vegetables and bread.

Perhaps the main advantage of a glass chopping board is how easily they can be cleaned -  you simply pop your board in the dishwasher or clean with very hot soapy water or detergent.

It’s worth noting that glass chopping boards are harder than the blades of even the highest quality knives, so after a period of time it’s likely your knife will show some wear and tear.

There’s no shortage of colours, pictures and patterns to choose from where glass boards or glass worktop savers are concerned so you’ll have no trouble finding one to blend in with your kitchen colour scheme.

A large glass chopping board is just the job for families but a small glass board is perfect for anyone living alone. Black, white, red and grey are popular choices for colour for single colour glass cutting boards, but clear glass is also a favourite with many people.

The Joseph Joseph range of glass chopping boards is extremely popular and renowned for its durability. They also features some fresh and colourful designs.

Unlike a wooden chopping board, a glass one can be placed in your dishwasher for cleaning at a high temperature to get rid of any harmful bacteria that may have built up on it. Glass boards are made of toughened glass which mean they which scratch with knives, so there will be nowhere for bacteria to harbour.

A glass chopping board or worktop saver are a very hygienic option and you should buy the thickest board you can afford. The extra weight will stop the board sliding around on your kitchen worktop. If you decide to buy a thinner board, you should place a damp dishcloth under it to prevent slippage. Some glass boards have handy little rubber stoppers of the base to hold them steady on your worktop.

There’s no shortage of UK stores these days selling glass chopping boards and worktop savers including John Lewis, Argos, B&Q, Ebay, House of Fraser, The Range,Wilkos, Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Amazon, Debenhams, Tesco and Sainsburys.

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