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Your one-stop shop for chopping boards in every shape and size


It’s great having a chopping board in the kitchen for all your food preparation - but it serves no purpose if you don’t have a good set of knives to accompany it.

So we’ve trawled around many of the top stores to come up with an impressive range of knife blocks and knives for you to take a look at.

There are more than 100 knife blocks available and we’ve ordered them by price to enable you to find the product which is best suited to your budget.

There are some very impressive wooden knife blocks and others in classy stainless steel designs.

Prices range from just a few pounds to luxury knife blocks which can cost  several hundred pounds.

Either way, we’re confident you’ll find something to suit your taste - there’s no shortage of leading UK stores selling an impressive range of knife blocks these days for all your food prepartion needs in the kitchen. We feature some excellent products from Amazon.

Every knife block is different but all those we feature come complete with various combinations of knives - among the types of knife you’ll find are steak knife, paring knife, vegetable knife, carving knife, bread knife, utility knife and chef’s knife.

Some have additional accessories such as scissors or a slicer.

Others have a self-sharpening feature built in which means your knives will always been in tip-top condition ready for all you cutting, chopping and slicing needs.

A knife block certainly makes a welcome addition to any kitchen and is a great way to keep all your knives to hand.

It goes without saying that knives can be very dangerous so your knife block should always be kept out of reach of any children in your home.

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