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Mahogany chopping board

A mahogany chopping or cutting board will make a ‘classy’ addition to any budding gourmet’s kitchen.

Mahogany is a beautiful dark reddish-brown wood and is very durable, making it the ideal choice for a chopping board - and over time it will begin to deepen in colour and adopt a much richer appearance.

This type of board is among the more expensive around but that’s to be expected as mahogany is a top quality wood and you can expect your board to complement your kitchen and serve you well for many years.

To ensure you get the best out of a mahogany chopping board it’s important to keep it clean and dry when not in use, and oiled regularly.

As with other chopping and cutting boards, oiling can be carried out using a food grade mineral oil which will help preserve the wood and also enhance the colour of the mahogany.

Mahogany is best kept out of direct sunlight to avoid splitting and fading of the wood.

It is environmentally non-toxic and has been the favourite wood of furniture makers around the world from centuries.

There are plenty of mahogany kitchen accessories available these days and a mahogany chopping board makes a great choice of gift for any kitchen enthusiast.

If you’re proud of your kitchen a mahogany chopping board will do much to enhance your food preparation environment.

This is a really tough wood and will give you years of service in your kitchen’s food preparation area - American mahogany makes an excellent chopping board and is found growing in south Mexico to Brazil. It has superb turning qualities so it’s ideal for cutting, shaping and sanding. It makes top quality cutting boards, carving board and bread boards, as well as other things like musical instruments and furniture.

Mahogany is dark reddish brown in colour and renowned for being very stable and decay resistant.

Mahogany boards are not as readily available as some other types of wood, but if you find one to your liking it’s sure to be a purchase you won’t regret.

Other popular choices of hardwood products include oak chopping boards and olive wood cutting boards.