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Marble chopping board

Marble and granite kitchen accessories have been around for many years - but there’s been a surge in recent years in the number of chopping boards produced from these two types of rock.

Marble and granite often take the form of pestles and mortars, or more commonly as cheese boards, but their toughness and durability makes them ideal for producing chopping and cutting boards.

Both rocks are shiny and elegant in appearance and many gourmets have added them to their kitchens to complement their marble of granite worktops.


A granite or marble chopping board adds style to a kitchen

A marble or granite chopping board is easy to clean and its toughness makes it unlikely to suffer any deep scratches from knives, reducing the risk of harmful bacteria finding a place to hide. However, this plus factor must be weighed against the fact this type of chopping board can take its toll on knife blades after a period of use.

The surface of marble and granite is cool to the touch and that’s made them ideal for centuries for rolling dough and pastry.

Marble and granite chopping boards are traditionally black, white or grey in colour and the unique patterns running through them gives them an impressive appearance.

They are also excellent are resisting discolouration from food.

Marble is widely used for sculpture and as building material. It is a metamorphic rock.

Granite is also very hard and tough and has therefore always been an ideal stone for use in the construction industry. It is an igneous rock which was formed from magma.

Marble and granite boards can be put to many uses in the kitchen - not only can they be used for cutting and chopping meats, vegetables and bread, but they also come in handy for use as a trivet, pastry board or cheese board.

Our featured board are beautifully crafted and add a touch of class to any kitchen worktop. The glorious pattern that ripples through a marble board is delightful and will complement most kitchen settings. The beauty of a marble or granite chopping board is that it is very easy to clean and can even be placed in a dishwasher after heavy use to eliminate any risk of the build up of harmful bacteria.

Personalised marble boards are very popular these days and make perfect birthday or Christmas gift for a friend or relative. Heart-shaped boards with a name engraved on the edge of the board even make a lovely Valentine's day gift of Mother's Day present.

Marble and granite is very tough and durable - so you need to be careful not to blunt your knife when cutting or chopping foodstuffs.

Plastic and wooden chopping boards have been the most popular materials for many years - but a granite or marble board makes an affordable stylish alternative. Prices start at under £10 for a basic board, but you can expect to pay around £30 for a hand-crafted marble heart board and over £80 for a personalised marble or granite board.

Square or rectangular boards are probably the most popular shape, but oval and round marble or granite boards great options too.

Most come with non-slip rubber feet attached to the base of the board to stop it sliding around your kitchen worktop surface.