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Your one-stop shop for chopping boards in every shape and size

Worktop savers do just as their name suggests - save your worktop from damage as a result of all your chopping, slicing and cutting of meat, fruit and vegetables.

They’ve become very popular in recent years and are found in all shapes and sizes in homes and restaurant kitchens in the UK.

Worktop savers are available to buy featuring hundreds of different patterns, motifs and pictures.


You’ll find plenty to choose from here with products from many UK shopping giant Amazon.

Worktop savers are available in so many different colours and bright designs, you should have no difficulty finding one to fit in with your kitchen colour scheme.

Others have attractive images embedded into the board’s toughened glass on various themes such as fruit, herbs, vegetables and animals.

You can also get worktop savers featuring famous characters such as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley - and for patriotic kitchen enthusiasts there’s even boards featuring the Union Jack and the Queen!

The majority of worktop savers are made from toughened glass but they are also available in other materials including wood, dense plastic and granite.

The glass versions are completely dishwasher safe, odour and stain resistant and heat resistant to around 280C - many come with a lifetime guarantee against breakage.

Worktop savers are available in various shapes including round, square and rectangular and offer the ideal solution for all your cutting, preparation and serving needs.

100s of cheap glass worktop saver boards at

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